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Tracy Matthews is a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur, the Host of the Top-Rated, Thrive By Design Podcast and the author of the Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Jewelry Market With a Timeless Brand.

Over the past 25 years, she’s founded four (4) companies including two eponymous jewelry companies, Flourish & Thrive Academy, and Creatives Rule the World. She helps creators and makers of all types align their businesses with their life goals to become better leaders, create financial security and freedom, and live more fulfilled and fun lives. 

Every week, she inspires over 150,000 people to launch, grow, and scale successful multi six and seven figure jewelry, product, and creative businesses through her podcast, blog, social media platforms, coaching, and programs. For more, visit or

Long Bio

Tracy Matthews is a Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur,the Host of the Top-Rated, Thrive By Design Podcast and the author of the Desired Brand Effect: Stand Out in a Saturated Jewelry Market With a Timeless Brand. She is one of the first business consultants and coaches to bring online business and marketing training to the jewelry world. She’s the co-founder of Flourish & Thrive Academy, the premier business and marketing education resource for jewelers, makers, and designers. She’s also the founder of Creatives Rule the World where she helps entrepreneurs get their creative mojo back when they get bogged down with the day to day of running a business.

Her first creative passion is jewelry design and she started her first jewelry company in 1998. Over the course of 11 years, her designs were featured in over 350 retail and specialty stores around the world. Her products were collected by celebrities including Orlando Bloom, Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Michelle Williams and Halle Berry. In fact, Revlon commissioned her to make a piece for Halle Berry’s 20 year anniversary as the face of the brand. 

During the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, her first business was wiped out when the market crashed. After shipping some of the biggest orders in her history, bankruptcy notices started flooding in from many of her accounts which put her in a tricky situation. Burnt out and disillusioned, Matthews made the tough decision to wind down Tracy Matthews Designs, Inc in 2009 and filed for bankruptcy. After taking a few months off and doing some soul-searching, she knew that she couldn’t escape her passion for jewelry so she launched her next business as a private jeweler in NYC where she specializes in engagement rings, wedding bands, and heirloom redesign. One of her first pieces was designed around a diamond she inherited from her mother.

During that time, independent designers often reached out to her to “pick her brain” so she offered consulting services to them. Eventually, she started teaching her methodology later named, The Desired Brand Effect, to a small group of designers. The DBE methodology was originally developed to help her solve problems in her own jewelry business. It created a lens to provide clarity in understanding common business problems like lead flow, conversion and sales strategies, and structuring a business to scale from a six figure one person show to a multi-seven figure business with several employees. Now the Desired Brand Effect has impacted and helped over 8000 brands and counting align their businesses with their life goals to become better leaders, create financial security and freedom, and live more fulfilled and fun lives. 

Tracy’s approach combines mindfulness and mindset from her years as a yoga teacher in San Francisco and NYC with practical and tactical marketing and business strategies that always work no matter how the industry or culture changes. She emphasizes a modern, omni-channel approach focused especially on direct to consumer and online sales, so that in any market conditions, a business can thrive. 

Notable media placements include Elle, InStyle, Us Weekly, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Weddings, Online Marketing Made Easy,, the Today Show, Yahoo Finance and Creative Live. Her first book, The Desired Brand Effect, is coming out in November 2021.

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  1. Your new book, The Desired Brand Effect™️ comes out in November 2021, can you start by explaining what the Desired Brand Effect is?

  2. What are the key components of the Desired Brand Effect?

  3. What was the impetus for creating a methodology instead of just teaching business skills?

  4. In the book, you talk about hitting rock bottom and your first venture as a jewelry entrepreneur failing. You had a successful business. How did it fail?

  5. Why is aligning one’s business with their lifestyle so important? Why is creating a crystal clear vision of success critical to sustained growth?

  6. In the book you talk about operating out of Maker Mindset vs.stepping into your role of Chief Visionary Officer. What does this mean?

  7. How do you know if you’re out of alignment with your goals?

  8. How does the Desired Brand Effect help businesses at different stages?

  9. Why is “branding” so important for jewelry and physical products? Can’t the jewelry or product stand alone?

  10. Why is creating desire for a jewelry (or product) brand important to the success of a business? How do you actually create desire so that you are the only choice in the eyes of your customers?

  11. How do you know if you are succeeding or failing at creating the Desired Brand Effect?

  12. Is this methodology just for beginners? Or can more established business owners use it too?

  13. What are the most important things to consider when a business is struggling to get consistent sales?

  14. What are the most important things for creatives to consider when their business starts to stagnate or they hit a plateau in sales or profits?

  15. What are the most important things to consider for businesses that are trying to scale but don’t know how?

  16. How can the Desired Brand Effect help if your business stops growing or worse, sales start declining?

  17. How does mindset play into all of this? Why is mindset important to your success in business?

  18. Can a negative mindset be cured?

  19. Is the Desired Brand Effect just for jewelry makers? Or can other types of business owners find value in it?

  20. Where can people buy the book? And tell us about the book bonuses you’re offering?


  1. Why is it so important for founders to be creative most of the time?

  2. How does creativity impact the success of a business for the long haul?

  3. You say that everyone is creative even if they don’t think they are? What do you mean by that?

  4. What can a founder or CEO do when they’ve lost their creative mojo?What are some actionable tips to practice every day to stay you your specific type of creative flow?
About the Book


You’re a maker, a creator, an expert at your craft. Building a profitable jewelry business doesn't have to be a dream any longer if you know how to create desire for your brand. Now, more than ever, consumers want to support emerging talent and small businesses like yours. They just need to find you.

Yet, most artists, makers, and creatives struggle to create a polarizing brand voice, clearly communicate their message, and develop a brand story that resonates with their dream clients. Those that do this well find it easy to attract the types of customers, clients, and collectors who become lifelong brand advocates. Those that don't experience consistent dry spells and get lost in a sea of other makers.

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When you can create desire for your brand, you become the ONLY choice in the eyes of your dream clients. Sales and marketing become easy because you have a system for marketing that fuels the sales engine. Plus, you spend more time doing the creative parts of your business that you LOVE!

The Desired Brand Effect™️ teaches you how to expand your audience, grow your sales, and amplify your results with simple, actionable steps. Every chapter comes complete with additional exercises and resources that will inspire you to get moving and stay on task. From branding and positioning, to marketing and sales - this book will demystify the business side of jewelry making.

When you create The Desired Brand Effect™️ in your business, you'll stand out in the saturated jewelry market with an unforgettable, timeless brand.


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